Berlin, 2-4 mai 2008

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The student organization Die Linke.SDS (the student organization of the left party) and the youth organization Linksjugend Solid invite you kindly to participate at our congress "40th anniversary of the student revolt in 1968 - we will win the next struggle".  
From the second until the 4th of may we will discuss the implications  of the emergence of a new left in 1968 for nowadays. The range of  issues will be widespread: From the protests in higher education to  cultural liberation and the revival of marxist and critical theory.  Among our speakers are veterans of the 68 student revolt as well as  critical scientists and political activists from today (e.g. Oskar  Lafontaine(president of Die Linke), Leo Panitch (University of Toronto), Rossana Rossanda, Elmar Altvater (University of Berlin), Sabine Zimpel (ATTAC Germany), Alain Krivine (LCR) and Hans-Jürgen Urban(vice-president of trade union IG Metall) Alex Callinicos (Kings College London). There are already more than 40 Speakers confirmed (which you can see on the website There will be about more than 50 workshops and panels and we attend up to 1000 participants - mainly students and young people - from all around Germany.
Of course the left renewal in 1968 had a european and international dimension: We would be glad to welcome you in Berlin for our congress and for the "Euromayday" on the first of may in Berlin which we are organizing together with social movements, trade unions and media activists.
The programm and a range of material are available on the website
You could also order Posters and stickers for the congress. (there are 8 different motives of stickers available
The congress costs are 10 Euros for students and 20 euros for people on a living wage. in the ticket are included 3 days of congress, concerts and cinema AND a free place to sleep in a school or comparable venue. the sleeping places are available from 31.april to 4th of may.

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